I received my PhD in Philosophy from Brown University in May 2013, and I also hold an MA in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University and an AB in Philosophy from the University of Georgia. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Providence College. 

My primary specializations are in Ethics and Political Philosophy, but I have broad philosophical interests, including research and teaching interests in ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy, and epistemology. In my dissertation, I developed a framework for understanding the proper use of idealization in political philosophy, and much of my current research is similarly concerned with the relation between philosophical theory and the practice of real human lives.

Recent Activity:

  • My site Free Range Philosophers hosts interviews of people with advanced training in philosophy who are either working outside of traditional academic jobs or engaged in philosophical outreach or other philosophical activities outside of the academic classroom.
  • You can find my most recent paper, “Philosophy Hitherto,” here: (web) (pdf).
  • For more information about my education, research agenda, and teaching experience, you can download my CV or see my Research and Teaching pages. You can also contact me at